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TLP Consulting provides advisory services to private clients and brands in the luxury market. Over more than two decades, the consultancy has attained rarified access to Parisian Haute Couture, international high fashion and bespoke gentleman’s attire. Additionally, TLP Consulting has developed a synergistic relationship with many of the world’s most prestigious jewelers.


For luxury businesses, TLP Consulting identifies key clientele within their target markets, providing advice on product design appropriate to their clientele, and direction in refining and developing client relations. Given the consultancy’s knowledge of the needs of high-net worth individuals, TLP Consulting is able to guide brands in meeting the needs of their clientele in each of these areas to create brand loyalty and increase sales.


For private clients, TLP Consulting curates and maintains a client’s “Personal Packaging” to add value to their wardrobe in a manner appropriate to the client’s lifestyle. Our viewpoint is “if we do our job correctly, we create for the client what they would create for themselves if they had our resources”.


For clients interested in building a collection of fine jewelry, TLP Consulting focuses on acquisitions that have intrinsic and enduring value as well as timeless wearability. Mr. Pope’s philosophy is “a jewel that sits in the safe can not sparkle”.


A TLP Consulting client is always presented impeccably, whether it be a for a boardroom, ballroom, or the ball game.  A TLP client always radiates natural sophistication, confidence, and integrity in any setting.

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