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My enduring, treasured relationship with Timothy Lloyd Pope, nearly 30 years long, has been deeply transformative.  Having introduced me to the world of Haute Couture, he has remained my expert guide and trusted advisor.  One of Timothy’s greatest gifts is his most astonishing eye: for the most subtle gradations of color, precision of fit, and an almost unnerving knowledge of exactly how many millimeters a garment needs to be altered to achieve the absolute perfection that is his standard. Equally important, his extraordinary vision enables him to translate the fantastical looks on the runway into our actual lives brilliantly, and seemingly effortlessly.


Timothy has also established a serious, extremely well-respected reputation as an unfailingly discreet expert advisor on creating major private jewelry collections with his clients.


It is most essential to note that while Timothy has profoundly influenced the evolution of my personal style, we have worked together in a manner that ensures it has always retained my own signature.


Judith-Ann Corrente

CEO Ameritus

Metropolitan Opera, New York

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